Portuguese Fashion Week in Lisbon

From the 21st to the 24th of March this year, Portugal had its fashion week with more than 40 fashion shows presented, announcing the next fall-winter 2012/13 trends. The opportunity to decipher the work of these Iberian designers who are not yet highly recognized internationally. The spearhead and most talented of this generation of Portuguese designers is Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the artistic director of Lacoste, who in conjunction develops his own label that he displays in Paris and also in Lisbon. His wardrobe is urban and graphic with hints of sportswear, with a mixture of matte and shiny for outfits in leather and vinyl. An ultra modern silhouette, boosted with tints of copper lamé.
The collection Mean by Ricardo Preto opens with a spray painted colorful coat. A tonic wardrobe that is similar to Prada with this printed outfit. Legs are on show, only covered-up by leg-warmers, and a striped knitted jacket with fringed sleeves brings a touch of fun to a basic silhouette.
A palette of colors ranging from red to powder pink, for short dresses with an accentuated waist, curvy hips and rounded shoulders : a couture wardrobe, underlined by the label Storytailors which was inspired by a Portuguese tale, recounting the story of a young woman in a gold hat.
Julio Torcado opens his menswear show with an owl perching on his arm.his collection focuses on color, layered silhouettes and on masculine twinsets.
Miguel Vieira opts for a fashion with a classic cut but with contemporary details, the pants are tapered and the attention is drawn to a cape or a fur shawl. Also with fur, a pencil skirt associated with a duchess satin top.
The label Alves Gonçalves focuses on metallic effects with silver and gold outfits. The belt is the centerpiece of a structured and feminine silhouette.
To conclude, another big name in Portuguese fashion, Fatima Lopes. Attached to her homeland, Fatima Lopes runs a real empire from Lisbon, where she lives. Here, she set up her design atelier, manages her own model agency and even hosts a TV show. Present on the Parisian runways, she nevertheless still wants to put on a show in her own country. Her collection is inspired by the human body, playing around with volumes, shapes and contrasts.

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