Exhibition in tribute to Cristóbal Balenciaga

In tribute to Cristóbal Balenciaga and marking the fortieth anniversary of his death, the Musée Galliera invites you to take a tour around the designer's "imaginary museum". More than seventy costumes and items of clothing interact with about forty Haute Couture dresses and coats, proof of the designer's passion for history and his mastery of skills.

Olivier Saillard : We had a very unique background, made up of miscellaneous pieces from the 18th and 19th century, textile pieces, luxurious or very modest elements, all of which had been wisely established by Cristóbal Balenciaga. A few years after his death in `79, his family donated this set of inspiration documents to the Mussée Galliera, and I discovered that it had never been shown in its entirety, that it was in Galliera and by placing the pieces next to each other, we realized in a very candid way that it clearly spoke about the creation of Cristóbal Balenciaga. Through these elements, when we laid out the 80 pieces next to each other, we saw that strong themes like the 19th century, the taste for costume history and folklore emerged for the most part and in the time that we had, we tried to go and find in Cristóbal Balenciaga's haute couture collections pieces that, without admitting their inspirations, were like resonances or mirrors to this collection of documents. So that led us to show about thirty masterpieces from our collections, all of which are haute couture clothing from between the 30s and 60s. In addition, like all great talents, he is someone who doesn't do literal replicas of his inspirations. But on the other hand, I think that this is obvious and I hope that the exhibition proves it, at least in my opinion it does, there is a clear mirror effect. For me, he is one of the designers who invented 20th century clothing and who profoundly lightened, softened, and I would say reviewed it, without impoverishing it.

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