Yohji Yamamoto : his outlook on the young generation of designers

At the 27th Hyères Festival, where he was president of the jury, Yohji Yamamoto talks intimately to Paris Modes about his life, his work and his future.

Limi Feu,Yohji Yamamoto's daughter, an inherited love for fashion

It's a DNA and she wanted to beat me, which I like! But because of today's market, her creation business is not developing properly. So she had to design differently from me, she had to design clothing for young people. So naturally she changed her target to a bit punk, a bit garish.
Yes, sometimes I feel: oh it's me! I feel pain for her because times have changed to when I started fashion, which was when it was at its peak, it was stronger than any culture. So we were lucky, but now the fashion market had become very flat. So we are creating clothing where there is no space. So she's struggling a little. So I feel a bit sad for her.

His outlook on the young generation of designers

It seems like the new young designers have no space in the market. But I feel some kind of new wind has started blowing because people have started to grow tired of cheap fashion. I would tell a young designer : be patient, your time will come.
I found two types of young designers. One type is thinking about how to get into the fashion world, and the other type doesn't really know what's going on in the world and are very innocent, and I prefer those who are innocent because if you think too much about today's market, you cannot move, you cannot continue. So I prefer a so-called natural born creator who doesn't know about the market. They only want to create something without thinking - I like it.

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