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13th edition of the "Dragao Fashion Week" in Brazil, dedicated to the textile and handicraft industry's expertise in the north-east of the country. A 3 hour flight from Sao Paulo, the city of Fortaleza, with its skyscrapers, palm trees, beach and sea, presents an idyllic but misleading landscape! The water is polluted and contaminated! A good reason to take more of an interest in the fashion presented onsite. 5 days of fashion shows, highlighting the new generation of designers and the local savoir-faire. The country is huge and this alone is an important market. Amongst the twenty fashion shows, here is our selection of creative and original proposals which have a `made in Brazil' quality!
First observation, dressing-up smart is very fashionable! Lino Villaventura, the star of Brazilian designers, originally from the north-east, presents on the runway beautiful ball gowns made up of pleated ruffles, entirely embroidered black sheath dresses, and in a medieval spirit, metal mesh fishnet on loose outfits and court coats.
Second observation, ethical fashion is more than a trend, it's a way of life. Not only are natural fibers used, but nothing is wasted, it's recovered and work is given to women who are in the process of social reintegration. This is the case with the Doiselles collection, everything is handmade, crocheted or knitted by prisoners. Very well made and original, like these shawl dresses or little capes ...
Melk ZDA advocates a white couture with silk satin, greatly inspired by the outfits seen in New York and Paris. We also note the use of unusual materials such as crumpled paper and lacquer.

At Mark Greiner, the woman is made into a goddess, dressed in beige and black leather, accessorized with a silver embroidered veil and wearing an impressive and original hat.

The label Clair has been working on Brazil's favorite item: the swimsuit. Along with handmade beachwear, crocheted, in long or short versions.
At Marcusson, the tango leads the way, with a seductress in embroidered lace.

Vivi Huhn revisits Paris with prints representing the mythical monuments of the French capital.

Mario Queiroz, the Brazilian Antonio Marras, operates a single color: black, reworked with embroidered graphic motifs.

These 5 days of fashion shows prove the importance of Brazil in terms of creativity and expertise ...

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