Elie Saab : king of the red carpet in Cannes

Present on the red carpet for over 10 years, the Lebanese couturier Elie Saab is without doubt a king. A real revenue stream of media coverage for the label, the head of communications, Emilie Legendre, talks to us about what goes on behind the scenes!

Emilie Legendre : We actually go down the day before the opening and then stay there for 12 days. So we have a showroom at the festival where we present our ready-to-wear, haute couture and accessories collections, and where the actresses come with their stylists to choose their outfits from day to day. As Mr Saab is fond of saying, the real runway for him is the red carpet because watching an actress on a red carpet allows our clients to identify with them more than when they see a model on a catwalk.
The Cannes Film Festival is covered by hundreds of different magazines worldwide. You have all the media filming the Festival throughout the 15 days. So it's very important indeed.
We are expected to control the dresses with extreme precision. That's why between the Los Angeles office, the New York office and the Paris office, we always coordinate in order to be certain that when a dress is selected or at least put aside, it cannot be again requested by someone else. And so we communicate every day, especially during the Cannes Film Festival when all the countries are united, in order to be sure that the same dress hasn't been selected twice.
There's also a real difference, French actresses are sometimes less drawn towards embroidered dresses and just prefer things that are perhaps a little more structured and worked differently. While the Americans are very fond of embroidery and impressive dresses.
We have been told that when Halle Berry won the Oscar for Best Actress in an Elie Saab dress,
economic benefits the day after the Oscars amounted to over 20 million dollars. She was on the front cover of all the newspapers worldwide. So the presence of certain celebrities on the red carpet has accelerated our international recognition.

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